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If you require a total disc replacement surgery, look no further than us at Queens Crossing Neurosurgery. Founded by Dr. Harrison Mu in New York City, our neurological center is known for providing the most effective cervical and lumbar disc replacement New York has to offer.

Artificial discs are made to replace intervertebral discs, which are damaged by certain spinal disorders such as disc herniation and degenerative disc disease. They are a replica of intervertebral discs and perform the following functions:

  • Prevent bone grinding
    Intervertebral discs maintain space between vertebrae and prevent bones from grinding against each other. They also create enough space for nerve roots to exit the spinal canal without any hindrance.
  • Provide cushioning
    Intervertebral discs have shock-absorbing properties, making it possible for the spinal column to move flexibly during rigorous activities. They prevent spinal damage by protecting vertebrae from sudden jerks and jolts.
  • Allow motion
    Perhaps the most important function performed by intervertebral discs is that they allow your body to move. In the absence of discs, the spinal cord would be rigid. It’s because of these discs that the body’s full range of motion is possible.

Dr. Harrison Mu and his surgical team at Queens Crossing Neurosurgery have decades of experience in doing total disc replacement surgery and alleviating people’s back and neck pain.

What does a Total Disc Replacement Surgery Entail?

Normal wear-and-tear, genetic factors and aging can cause cushioning discs to get damaged. In most cases, such degenerative disc issues can be treated with medications, injections, and physical therapy. It is only when these techniques don’t work that Dr. Harrison Mu will recommend a total disc replacement surgery.

Traditionally, degenerative disc disease is treated with spinal fusion, which creates cohesive movement by connecting two or more vertebrae. This process, however, does not guarantee results and may cause loss of flexibility and motion.

Are there Alternative Treatments?

With the emergence of total disc replacement surgery, Dr. Harrison Mu has been able to overcome the disadvantages of traditional surgical practices and come up with non-invasive treatment alternatives. The total disc replacement surgery performed at our facility is aimed at alleviating pain and preserving spinal motion.

During the surgery, the damaged disc is removed, and the height of the intervertebral disc is restored. The spinal section is stabilized using an implant along with screws and rods. In some cases, a bone graft may also be used to enhance intervertebral fusion. Depending on the type of artificial disc, the entire vertebral disc may be replaced. The surgery is usually performed in the lumbar area (lower back) or cervical area (neck). The approach during surgery is through the abdomen for lumbar discs and the front of the neck for cervical discs.

When is a Disc Replacement Necessary?

A total disc replacement surgery does not become necessary in all cases of degenerative disc issues. At the same time, not all patients are ideal candidates for total disc replacement surgery.

Dr. Harrison Mu and his team at Queens Crossing Neurosurgery take a personalized approach to any sort of neurosurgery and formulate treatment plans that are most suitable to people’s conditions. He will recommend a total disc replacement surgery only if:

  • You have degenerative disc disease, and there’s no improvement in your condition after using conservative treatment.
  • You have a stable weight, and your general health is in good condition.
  • Your intervertebral discs are damaged due to trauma or age.
  • You don’t have significant osteoporosis, arthritic changes, and equilibrium issues.

Before any Surgery is Undergone

Before proceeding with any surgical procedure, Dr. Harrison Mu undertakes a thorough evaluation of your condition and your medical history. He may recommend a few imaging tests like CT/MRI scans and blood tests if required to understand your symptoms and root out the cause behind them. He will formulate a treatment plan only after analyzing your reports, and suggest a disc replacement surgery if your condition requires this.

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Benefits of Surgery

Once you are treated by our disc replacement New York team at Queens Crossing Neurosurgery, you are likely to see the following benefits:

  • The elimination of pain and discomfort, which was happening due to a degenerated or herniated disc.
  • Preservation of motion and motor functions.
  • Decompression of neural structures.
  • Restoration of intervertebral disc height.
  • Reducing degeneration of adjacent discs.
  • A quick return to normal life.

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Undergoing a total disc replacement surgery shouldn’t be difficult if you have the right experts backing you. Dr. Harrison Mu and his team at Queens Crossing Neurosurgery are considered the best experts to go to in New York City.

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