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The United States of America is facing an epidemic of brain-related issues, which can have a debilitating effect on people’s life. The human brain is the helm of our existence, controlling the human organ system.

As such, any disease or injury, whether it’s a brain tumor or an accidental impact, touching the brain can be life-threatening. In such situations, brain surgery may become essential to restore vital brain functions and ultimately, people’s health and wellbeing.

At Queens Crossing Neurosurgery in New York City, Dr. Harrison Mu and his team, make up some of the top New York brain surgeons available, to help you through these tough times. Whether it be a brain tumor, a traumatic brain injury or other neurosurgical brain disorder, we will help you understand your condition and the treatment options.

Since the year 2000, Dr. Harrison Mu has built a track record of helping thousands of people who have been diagnosed with urgent and non-urgent brain and neurosurgical diseases. He is the expert you want to be by your side. His thoughtfulness and patience in explaining your condition and options will put you at ease during this difficult time.

When do you Need Brain Surgery?

The term “brain surgery” may sound extremely intimidating, but it’s something that a multitude of people have successfully undergone to get rid of structural issues in the brain. There are different types of brain surgery depending on the condition being treated. Any of the following conditions in or around the brain may call for brain surgery:

  • Formation of blood clots.
  • Damage caused to protective brain tissues called the “dura.”
  • Repairing nerve damage or treating nerve irritation.
  • Treating abscesses.
  • Releasing pressure after a head injury.
  • Treating skull fractures, brain tumors, and strokes.
  • Draining out fluid built up in the brain.

Brain Trauma Emergencies

Not all brain-related conditions require surgery. There are, however, certain symptoms that you should know so that you can call for qualified help at the earliest:

  • Mild to severe headaches.
  • Nausea and frequent vomiting.
  • Drowsiness and chronic fatigue.
  • Seizures and convulsions.

Whenever you experience any of these symptoms, they could root from an underlying cause, which only experts like us can identify. At Queens Crossing Neurosurgery, Dr. Harrison Mu undertakes a thorough evaluation of your symptoms and recommends a brain surgery only if there are risks of serious health problems.

How we can Help You

At Queens Crossing Neurosurgery, Dr. Harrison Mu and his team of New York brain surgeons will carefully review your symptoms and test results. Your clinical situation will be thoughtfully and patiently explained to you. With this knowledge and understanding, Dr. Harrison Mu and you together will formulate the right treatment plan individualized for your needs.

If your condition requires brain surgery, we do whatever is needed at the earliest to prevent it from becoming graver. Among the types of brain surgery our premier neurosurgery practice can perform are:

  • Biopsy: This involves the removal of a small amount of brain tissue or an abnormal tumor to study its nature in the laboratory. The procedure often involves making a small incision in the skull and accessing the brain’s tissues.
  • Craniotomy: This procedure involves a small incision in the scalp and creating a window in the skull over the area of the brain being treated. This open surgery is used for removing tumors, abnormal brain tissues, draining fluid, and removing blood clots. There are circumstances when it is necessary for the skull window to be left off; this is called a “Craniectomy”.
  • Endonasal Endoscopic Surgery: This is a minimally-invasive surgery that allows removal of lesions and tumors in the brain through the nose. The procedure requires an endoscope and a camera. Removal of pituitary tumors can be performed with this approach.
  • Cranioplasty: there are situations where a window of skull has to be removed and not replaced, such as with head trauma, brain bleeds, infections. After the situation has resolved, the window can be covered with a custom made plate, usually made of special plastic material.
  • Shunts: conditions can arise where the normal fluid produced in our brain, called cerebrospinal fluid, accumulates abnormally. This excess fluid can cause problems, such as headaches, confusion, altered mental status, even coma and death. A shunt is a tube with a pressure valve that can take this fluid from the brain to a part of the body where it can be absorbed. An example of a condition when shunt placement is helpful is Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus NPH).

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Why Choose Queens Crossing Neurosurgery?

Here’s what sets us at Queens Crossing Neurosurgery apart from others:

  • Personalized approach: Dr. Harrison Mu understands that every patient and their needs are unique; hence, he adopts an individualized approach to treating brain-related problems. He provides treatment options that are most relevant to your particular condition.
  • Experience: Dr. Harrison Mu over the course of 20 years has consulted on and treated over 1000s of patients with different brain related disorders. He has years of experience in performing brain surgery and alleviating people’s problems.
  • Advanced techniques: At Queens Crossing Neurosurgery, we use advanced surgical tools and techniques, which allow us to perform brain surgery with the utmost care and precision. Thanks to state-of-the-art surgical technology, performing minimally-invasive brain surgery has become possible.

If you are looking for long-lasting relief from your neurological ailments, then Dr. Harrison Mu is the expert you should approach. Schedule an appointment with him today!

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