What You Can Expect

Dr. Harrison Mu strongly believes every patient is unique and therefore every approach should be individualistic. Dr. Mu takes the time to ensure you fully understand your condition and together you will formulate the optimum plan that meets your values and goals.

Dr. Mu does not believe every case requires surgery. If treatment can be achieved by non-surgical means, then the doctor will work this out with you. Ultimately what is most important is your piece of mind and confidence in knowing the treatment plan chosen for you is what is best for YOU.

Real Patient Testimonials

“I visited Dr. Mu in Flushing's office and had no waiting time at all. Dr. Mu was so patient reviewing my MRI and took over an hour to explain options which I can take before the surgery on my herniated disc. Other surgeons would probably want to cut me opened right away. Dr. Mu is highly recommended to anyone who has nerve pains.”


“In June 2013, Dr. Mu operated on my neck at Lenox Hill Hospital in NYC. I was in so much pain in my neck and left arm before the surgery. I didn't want to have surgery, but prolonging any longer would have left my left arm severely injured. I entrusted Dr. Harrison Mu (neurosurgeon) with my surgery because my spinal cord was being damaged by my neck vertebrae. The surgery went great and I walked out of the hospital the next morning. My arm and neck are fine now and I have no regrets.”

“THANK YOU to Doctor MU!!!! I had numbness in my arm and it spread to my hand, so much pain. I couldn't sleep. I couldn't lift anything. I wanted to chop off my arm. I spent a year doing acupuncture, massage, & therapy and it didn't help. My friend referred me to see Dr. Mu. The MRI showed my nerves were being compressed. He operated at Lenox Hill and I was out in 2 day. No more pain! I also had no problems with my insurance and payment for my operation. It's 2 years now & I am fine”

“I saw Dr. Mu at his Flushing office. I was having really bad back pain for many weeks. I was afraid I was going to need an operation. Dr. Mu spent a long time going over my MRI and reports. My condition did not need an operation. He explained what I needed to do and referred me to a physical therapist. I am very happy that I did not need surgery. I have been recommending him to all my family & friends. He really showed that he cared that I was in pain.”

“I have not met a doctor willing to spend an hour going over my MRI with my husband and I. Dr.Mu is so helpful. Most doctors that I have seen would spend 5 to 10 minutes max but Dr. Mu was like a teacher, explaining everything in detail. He is someone who truly cares about his patiences. I did not feel rushed at all with the visit. His staffs were all friendly as well. I went to the Flushing office location.”

“Dr. Mu was thorough with his explanation of my condition. Taking over an hour to show me in detail my MRI, explain my surgery and recovery time. (A previous doctor I visited barely spent 5 minutes with me. ) I have recovered after my back surgery and I am no longer in pain. Dr. Mu gave me back my life.”

“Dr. Mu is a thorough and compassionate doctor. He takes the time to explain to patients their unique situation, treatment options and aftercare. His calm, kind demeanor is comforting the patient and their family. Dr. Mu is a top notch neurosurgeon, doctor and person.”

“Dr. Mu spent so much time explaining things before and after the operation. Everything went well and a speedy recovery followed. Amazing bedside manner!! Thank you, Dr. Mu.”

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