Health Care Coverage Disclosure

In-Network/Participating Health Care Plan Coverage

Please be advised that Dr. Harrison Mu is a participating or “in-network” physician with the following health care plans:


Out-of-Network/Non-Participating Health Care Plan Coverage

Please be advised that if you are not covered by the above health care plans, Dr. Harrison Mu is a non-participating or “out-of-network” provider under your insurance plan. If you were referred to Dr. Mu by another physician that is a participating or “in-network” provider under your insurance plan, please be advised that such referral does not change the non-participating or “out-of-network” status with regards to Dr. Mu. As such, some or all of the costs for the medical care provided by Dr. Mu may not be covered under your insurance policy or may be covered at a rate that is less than the amount Dr. Mu bills for such services. Your plan may not cover out-of-pocket network services at all, leaving you responsible for the full cost. If your plan covers out-of-network services, your plan may require higher co-pays, deductibles and co-insurance for out-of-network care. You will be responsible for these higher amounts plus any difference between your plan’s allowed amount and what the out-of-network physician charges for the services.

Our fees are in accordance and based on the transparent FAIR HEALTH DATABASE which can be found online at:

We Do Not Accept No-Fault and Worker’s Compensation